Visit and Project Coordination Services in Ethiopia

Efficient coordination of your tasks and arrangements!

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    Supercharge your Ethiopia experiences with our local coordination team.

    Imagine having a reliable go-to team for your every need in Ethiopia, whether it’s business, personal, or anything in between. Our local team has a deep understanding of Ethiopian culture and business operations, and we will coordinate all of the components of your visit to maximize your time in Ethiopia. Leave all of your travel arrangements, business planning, and research needs to us!

    Our local team can help with many types of coordination, including:

    Visit Arrangements

    Do you need a ride to and from the airport, or perhaps a rental car for your stay? Are you looking for a knowledgeable tour guide to show you the best that Ethiopia has to offer? We can give you recommendations on the most reputable tour companies and driver services in Ethiopia and help you to arrange their services!

    Business Matters

    If you are considering setting up a business location in Ethiopia, our team can help you with onsite research and many other planning considerations. This is extremely helpful for companies that do not currently have a business presence in Ethiopia, and are looking for helpful input from natives who understand the Ethiopian business culture.

    Routine Daily Tasks

    Even if you already live in Ethiopia, our team can help with your daily personal or business arrangements. We can take some of the tasks that you simply don’t have time to do yourself, and will do them for you quickly and efficiently.

    Research Projects

    Are you working on a complex research project? While you focus on the important research data and analysis, our team can help with the necessary fieldwork.

    When you travel to Ethiopia, work with us to limit the stress and frustration that may be experienced due to cultural differences in an unfamiliar location.

    As a tourist in a new country, you may be concerned about being taken advantage of, being overcharged for service, or experiencing cultural barriers that present a communication challenge. Our local team can assess your specific needs and will connect you with the most reliable, honest, and trustworthy Ethiopian businesses that will offer you the best service possible. Without the support of our local staff, foreigners will spend unnecessary time addressing challenges due to language barriers and cultural differences. Our local team knows and understands Ethiopian culture, and will work to address your concerns and provide you the service you need to overcome the challenges of an unfamiliar country.

    How it works

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    So, how exactly a Linkage Ethiopia Team assists you?

    Examples of some of our past customer requests:
    • I will arrive at Addis Ababa airport. Can you arrange someone to pick-up?
    • I would like a local Ethiopian to accompany me while shopping. Will you be able to arrange this for me?
    • I am doing research on Ethiopian cafes. Would you be able to check out the service, food, and ambiance of a local café and report back to me?
    • I am doing a research project. Can you arrange a group interview with the local people?
    • I am a business owner and would like to work with an Ethiopian company. Will you help us to arrange a meeting?
    • Will you purchase samples in the local market and send them to me?
    • The answer is YES to all of the above!
    Nagisa, Managing Director at Linkage Ethiopia

    Nagisa was born and raised in Japan. Nagisa began her career as a banker and has 5 years of corporate experience within structured finance. Combined with five years of experience in the banking sector, she studied Microfinance and SME development focusing on Ethiopia at UCL.

    After graduation, she joined Community Tourism Development in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia, and supported local communities to improve their quality of life and save the environment through community tourism.

    Throughout the years, she has seen many challenges faced by foreigners in Ethiopia for traveling, doing business, and completing research projects. Typically, these challenges are caused by not having access to a local Ethiopian network that can provide human resources and cultural information. Utilizing her network in Ethiopia, Nagisa established “Linkage Ethiopia” to link Ethiopian locals and foreigners, as a way for foreigners to streamline business operations and projects in Ethiopia.

    Meet Linkage Ethiopia Team who will support you.