Research and Coordination Services in Ethiopia

Make your Ethiopia trips/businesses simpler!

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    Supercharge your Ethiopia Experiences with our local coordination team.

    Imagine having a reliable go-to team for your every need in Ethiopia, whether it’s business or personal. Having a local team in Ethiopia makes your trips simpler and business more efficient.

    Our local team will coordinate things in Ethiopia for you. We have a deep understanding of Ethiopian culture and way of businesses here. You delegate tasks and our local team is on them, which allows you, to stay on target.

    Our local team can help with many types of coordination, including:

    Visit Arrangements

    Need a car? Guide? We can help arrange!

    Business Matters

    Plan a business in Ethiopia? We can help with on-site research and more!

    Day-to-day tasks

    Do you live in Ethiopia? Our team can help with your daily tasks.

    Research Projects

    Focus on the research, we can help with the fieldwork.

    Stress, chaos, and frustration don’t have to be the norm anymore.

    Stop spending countless hours on coordinating things in Ethiopia. Our local team can be a strong partner to move things forward. Contact us today to discover how you can save your time and focus on what matters.

    How it works

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    We work on the assignments

    03. Work Delivered

    So, how exactly a Linkage Ethiopia Team assists you?

    Here are the examples of what we can help.

    • I will arrive at Addis Ababa airport. Can you arrange someone to pick-up?
    • It will be great if local Ethiopian accompany me when shopping in Ethiopia. Will you arrange someone?
    • I am doing research on Ethiopian cafes. Can you go, check a cafe and report me?
    • I am doing a research project. Can you arrange a group interview with the local people?
    • I am a business owner and would like to work with an Ethiopian company. Will you help us to arrange a meeting?
    • Will you purchase samples in the local market and send them to me?

    Project Manager

    Managing Director at Linkage Ethiopia

    Nagisa was born and raised in Japan. She graduated from University College London (UCL, MSc in Development Administration and Planning). Nagisa began her career as a banker and has 5 years of corporate experience within structured finance. With five years of experience in the banking sector, she studied Microfinance and SME development focusing on Ethiopia at UCL. After graduation, she joined Community Tourism Development in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia and supported local communities to improve their quality of life and save the environment through developing community tourism. Throughout the years, she has seen many challenging the foreigner facing in Ethiopia for travelling, doing businesses and research projects, which is caused by not having good access to good human resources and good information in Ethiopia. Utilizing her network in Ethiopia, she established “Linkage Ethiopia” to link Ethiopian locals and foreigners, to achieve more and streamline to-do-list and projects in Ethiopia.

    • A strong culture of teamwork and collaboration exists across the Linkage Ethiopia, ensuring that our skills are deployed to match the unique requirements of each of our valued clients.

    Meet Linkage Ethiopia Team who will support you.